About Blockchain300

The main objectives of the platform are to meet the needs of its users, manufacturers, developers, projects and B2B members for traditional services and provide a better system of deployment in products.


Our Mission

Blockchain300 brings together best aspects of Blockchain technology and crypto in order to get to a qualitatively new level of B2B manufacturer to consumer trade. This means a simple integration of tools and services for existing industries and global distribution.


Our Vision

A decentralized platform developed with Blockchain technology, enabling peer-to-peer trade and smart-contracts with one-another anywhere in the world with instant protection of Intellectual Property Rights, within a secure and date stamped Blockchain ledger.


Our Background

Blockchain300 is the brainchild from the founder of Karma Digital Corporation and its Online Paperless Office solutions with acute practical experiences in innovations, developments, manufacturing and strategic deployments of products to commercialization.


How it works?

Members of the Blockchain300 platform interact with each other within a global online decentralized system where the Blockchain ledgers keeps track of all activities and transactions for our affilates and partner members.

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IPR/Copyright Holders

Fund Raising

Component Suppliers


Service Warranty

Secure Transactions

Benefits of using Blockchain300

For B2B and innovators with access to transparency, IPR/copyrights and cashless payments for investors, manufacturing costs and sales within strategic territories.



We believe it is incredibly important to redistribute this power & profitability and the security of ROI to the inventors, IPR/copyright holders, consumers, investors and distribution partners.


Peer-to-peer network

Utilizing the power of the global community and the sharing economy to tear down the barriers and revolutionize the old and inefficient supply chain and payment trading systems.


Crypto-currency transactions

The acceptance of crypto-currency functions for products and services with instant payments infrastructure that you can hold and store in your favourite hardware wallet.


True value creation

Using innovation and creativity, our team of system-architects, software-developers, inventors and innovators believe in the true value creations of ways to combat existing models.


A Decentralized CRM

Login to Blockchain300 where you can monitor your projects, trade and transactions, product roadmaps and monitor your business departments and processes.

  • Send and receive payments of transactions

  • Create contact and project profiles

  • Build networks by inviting trusted partner members

  • View your personal balance, compare and monitor its progress

  • Transfer to exchanges to convert to other currencies

  • See notifications from across the member network

  • Control inventory and logistics from supplier to customer.

  • A dedicated Customer Portal for better liaisons with your customers.

CRM Details

Run your business remotely whilst avoiding the high-costs associated with networking a business with expensive hardware, software, maintenance, ongoing upgrades, updates and technical support expenses. Now with the additional advantages of product development security, protection and ownership with access to mass-production and distribution.

Contact Management Create Databases
Project Management Monitor & Control
Internal Collaboration Work with Others
Sales Engagement Complete Process


The BlockChain300 CRM transactions accept various crypto-currencies as well as fiat-currences with the below currencies currently being applied.

All you need is a PC and a web browser. Users can share files; store and access multiple databases; contacts management, products inventory with other business functions included. Create departments, add staff, provide service support with a Customer Portal for customers to update tickets, view quotes, invoices, shared files and access the knowledge-base for quick answers.

Current User Types

57% Users
Current Progress
Small Medium Enterprise
28% Users
Home Based Professional
12% Users
School & Education
3% Users

*The above statistics are taken from the platform and its users.

Asked Questions

Our platform is a members only platform and is available to all those whom are either a partner, a customer or a member of our Online Paperless Office. If you wish to become a member please send us an email in order to obtain a YourCommands password and allocation for access.

At present there are three main areas of interest which includes technological developments in: Energy, Wellness and Water. Roadmap of future developments are available to members within the YourCommands platform.

Blockchain is a decentralized way of storing and accessing data making the whole system incredibly secure, because unlike a centralized database, there's no one single point of entry for hackers. This makes it particularly useful for recording transactions in a secure manner and no centralized control.

Once you have created an account from on one of the many crypto exchanges available you can purchase various cryptos, and similarly with the blockchain300 platform, you will be able to transact using crytpo-currencies that the platform will accept and you are then able to transfer your digital assets onto a physical hardware wallet of your choice, there are many hardware wallets available.